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    Frequently Asked Questions

How can I edit or keep in touch with my leads?

Edit a lead is easy: a tap on it opens the page with all the details, but if you slide your finger from right to left, you can delete it. To keep in touch with your lead is easy too: swiping from left to right you can bring up the icons to send an email or call the phone number previously set.

How does the search for my leads work?

Typing in the search bar the desired text, the application will do a detailed research not only within the name of the various leads, but also between the details that match the string that you enter.

Is it possible to customize more my collections?

Of course! By pressing for a few seconds the collection that you want to edit, it will appear a menu that allows you to: rename it, pick a color to customize it or delete it together with its content.

How can I check the leads added by my teammates in the last period?

It’s never been easier! Using an intuitive interface featured by weekly and monthly charts, in the “Insights” tab, you will be able to analyze your team’s performance. The functionality of data sharing with your Team is available only for Premium users.

Is there a limit of leads that I can put in a collection?

No, there isn’t. You can put unlimited leads in a collection.

What happens to the leads added outside of a collection?

If a lead is saved outside of a specific collection, so in “Leads”, a new collection, called “Unassigned”, will be created, which can be customized as you need.

At the moment I can’t use my personal device to view my leads. What can I do?

No problem! You can view your leads by logging from any PC, tablet or smartphone using our Mobile App or just the Web App and entering your account information. It’s available and compatible with Android smartphones and tablets and for both Apple iPhone and iPad too.

Can I have some additional features for my profile?

Sure! The Premium version, avaiable from the Upgrade screen of LeadsCollector, will allow you to have some additional features for your business and to be updated to all the future expansion that you will get for free.

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